In Malaysian local lingo, atas means "high class" - the word is derived from the malay word meaning "upstairs"


Starting from TREC Kuala Lumpur, expanding to Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown, and now, above 6,000 feet at Sky Avenue, Genting Highland, you will find a chance to visit the well-known Nicsmann 1940s by Lewre and enjoy Nisa Bakri’s signature dishes there too.

Living up to Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré unique restaurant-tainment concept, the two-tier restaurant offers an extraordinary experience – al fresco dining in cool weather, elevated by fire pits in the patio. What makes them the coldest entertainment hub is the specially designed Nicsmann Rooftop bar where you may find dart machinese, pool tables and more. And the best part of all, is the panoramic scenery in the open balcony.

Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré does not only celebrate great moments with amazing live performances, phenomenal parties and more, but also the finest dish from the exquisite Western & Asian cuisine like Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Wheel Pasta, Squid Ink Pasta and signature dishes by Nisa Bakri like Crispy Chicken Rendang and Fish Asam Pedas. 

To make reservations, please call the following branches :-

Nicsmann 1940s by Lewre, TREC KL
Contact : 013-359 0443

Nicsmann 1940s by Lewre, The Starling
Contact : 013-359 0443

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