In Malaysian local lingo, lepak means "chill" - often used amongst a circle of friends when they want to hang


The name C-Hut which is derived from the Malaysian language of “Sihat” which means healthy, is set to cater to busy citizens who wish to eat healthily. The uniqueness with C-Hut Café is that the meals here are freshly prepared and ready to grab and go within minutes in the similarity of “fast-food” but a healthier version. In a nutshell, C-Hut Café is a fusion of healthy food and fitness all in one building. The healthy food concept under one roof will be located on the ground floor of the Home Fitness Gym at Setia Alam.

The inclination and propensity to eat healthy is a rapidly growing trend especially amongst young urbanites. Diets comprised predominantly of vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts have seen an upsurge in acceptance and adoption. Restaurant brands are responding to this consumer trend with almost 70% of city restaurants already featuring more health friendly menus and low-fat focused offerings.

There is a new star emerging in this niche. Aptly named C-Hut Café, a name that is a derivative of SIHAT, or health in the Malay language, it is the outcome of a collaboration between Puan Sri Shariffa Nisa Bakri and Dato’ Sri Dr Seow Kah Foong.

C-Hut Café is designed to satisfy the new culinary preferences of discerning, health lifestyle conscious millennials. C-Hut Café’s signature differentiation is meals that are prepared on demand. This means every dish is freshly prepared, akin to a fast food outlet, with the exception that every grab-and-go item is totally dedicated to promoting healthier eating. What is just as significant is that C-Hut Café is structured to offer its unique mix of healthy food in combination with fitness, all in one building. This is achieved by having the C-Hut restaurant on the ground floor of an established gym, Home Fitness. C-Hut patrons have access to a rooftop area where they can enjoy leisurely alfresco dining too. This first of its kind establishment is located in Setia Alam.

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