About Founder
About Founder

Puan Sri Shariffa Nisa Bakri, fondly known as Puan Sri Nisa Bakri is an inspiring woman who has been building, motivating and encouraging women everywhere in Malaysia and abroad, to pursue their dreams and passion beyond the walls of marriage.

Puan Sri has been labelled as of the 60 most inspiring women entrepreneurs in Malaysia by the Nona magazine in 2015 and in 2017, she was awarded with the Icon Entrepreneur and Personality Award under the F&B industry by Niaga Times.

She is a hands-on SME entrepreneur who is passionate about brand consulting. Her inexhaustible creativity to innovate, inspire, share and exchange experiences add value to the current Malaysian business market. She believes that innovation, creativity, passion and determination are the key ingredients that drives her to be where she is today.

Puan Sri Nisa is not a chef but her passion to cook is mindboggling to the extend that she can single-handedly create new recipes from scratch. She loves cooking and will invite friends and acquaintances to taste her dishes. It was from here that her fame spread and her first cookbook, “I Am Not A Chef” was published. She also conducts her own cooking classes and shows just to share her discoveries with the rest.

List of achievements
  • Top 60 inspiring women of NONA 2015
  • CEO and inspirational entrepreneur by NIAGA times 2016
  • Cook in Spain, Jaen during FBM by Nawem 2017
  • First Malaysian to be cooking for London Fashion show 2018
  • Awarded Most Outstanding Gourmet Ambassador by World Gourmet Association 2018
  • Awarded Asean Most Outstanding Entrepreneur 2019 in Bangkok
  • Panel of Chef at Bespoke International Group Chef 2019