Nisa Bakri @ Berjaya University

Entrepreneur Talk At Berjaya University

Awarded Asean Woman Entrepreneur in 2019, Puan Sri Nisa Bakri shared her knowledge on entrepreneurship at Berjaya University today. She said that “Knowledge is a fundamental foundation, one of the few key recipe ingredients to achieve a good quality of life”.

Founder of the F&B brand believes when she stops chasing money and makes a difference in life, money will eventually come to her. She received many awards recognizing her contribution to our local community because her passion is in helping individuals and companies to increase their creativity, speed up innovation and successfully cope with an ever-changing world.

The homegrown personality chef said, “A gem cannot be polished without friction and pressure, nor a man perfected without trials, mistakes and error.” She also gave powerful advice to the young generation, “Train your mind to be stronger than your emotions, earn before you spend, think before you react, achieve before you criticise and try before you quit!”